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Don't Let the World News Get You Down

Mild depression can occur when we are subjected to negative images and audio programs. Many people watch local and world news to find out what's impacting their country and the countries around them. While news broadcasts are a great way to stay informed, the constant barrage of negative information can subconsciously affect your mind and give you a sense of depression. The only way to avoid feeling sad or depressed by the events going on in the world is to avoid watching or reading any news, but that's not possible for most people. But there are ways to manage how much negative information you take in and how you process it.

Understanding How the News Works

In order to avoid feeling down when watching the news, you need to understand how the news media works. Visual news media thrives on sensationalism. Televised news broadcasts show the worst parts of a news story, and usually repeat graphic images over and over for a shocking effect on the viewer. These stories can cause a feeling of distress and helplessness, as we watch over and over something horrible happens that we can neither prevent nor help find a solution for. It's very rare to turn on the news and see a heartwarming story with happy images.

In order to pull in viewers or readers, news stations and newspapers know that tragedies and crimes pull in viewers. Since stations and publications are more concerned with ratings than the actual content of the news, you may hear and see stories that are exaggerated. To avoid feeling depressed, remember that good things are happening in the world, news stations are not the place to see heartwarming stories, and you don't need to feel responsible for finding solutions to the world's problems.

Regulate How Much News You Watch or Read

The best way to avoid serious depression is to regulate how much news you take in on a daily basis. It's not a good idea to watch every news program on a daily basis. Most news programs cover the same stories from different angles, so choose a favorite program and watch it a few times a week. On the days when you don't watch the news, get the stories from a newspaper that covers world topics. Experts believe that we are more affected by watching the news than we are reading it, since it's the negative images that go along with broadcast shows that tend to affect our mental health.

If a major news story breaks, choose one channel to watch the story. By switching to different channels, you are filling your mind with the same negative images over and over. This can cause your mind to feel overwhelmed with the information and cause you more distress. By choosing one station you are able to process the information as the station gradually covers different aspects of the story. Whether you get your news from the television, newspapers, or magazines, it's important to manage how much information you take in daily and remember that there are plenty of good things going on in the world.

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